Is it possible to put a program on a disk, and bott with that disk?

Let me explain, say I have a program, called Clock.exe, and when it is opened, all it does is show a window with the current time and date, is it possible, to place this on a CD and boot up with his CD, so you are not in windows, but rather a screen, with just the form showing the time and date?

Sorry if it seems a little confusing, I don’t really know how to describe it, but anyone who gets what I’m saying and can help, thanks a bunch.

Did you try to google your question??? If it requires windows to be running to work I doubt it will work standalone unless the program was written so.

There are a number of “world clock” utilites.
Most require windows although some will run on Linux and I suspect Mac as well…although I didn’t spend any time looking.

As cc said ^, virtually all will require an OS.
It’s possible that there’s a clock utility out there that will boot in dos, but I doubt it and if I may ask…why do you want this option?
If you don’t like the one you have, I’d look at some others.

I’m wondering if it’s even possible, to run an exe in such a way, I’m fine with what I have, and the clock was just an example exe, what I really want is some form of stand alone internet browser and disk image burning tool, because I switch back and forth between XP, Vista, and Windows 7 beta often, and I have siblings who like to take my DVDs and format them to use them for other purposes, often times I’m stuck with a bricked computer and no way to get an ISO of Windows 7 to burn to a disk, and I don’t have a Vista or XP boot DVD, and I can’t go buy one as money is an issue at this time.

I use Imgburn as a portable version. FireFox and Opera both have portable versions. All of these run from a USB flash stick, no writing to the registry or hidden dll’s on your C drive. You might want to check this site for other portable apps:
If you really want a bootable CD try one of the Linux distros, most will also boot from a USB stick. Most come with burning software and a browser.