Is it possible to priotarize a connection in a network?

I hope to explain clearly enough my question :slight_smile:

This is the scenario: modem --> Router --> PC-1

Sometimes I need to connect another machine (PC-2) to the router, and I need to give the new machine a higher priority to internet access.

The PC-1 is connected 24/7 to the router, and PC-2 will be connected randomly to the router (preferably wireless), so scheduling is not an option.

Just to explain things, PC-1 is my computer, and PC-2 is my brother’s machine that he needs to connect now and again. To avoid my computer to use most of bandwidth, I need to give PC-2 a higher priority. Most of times, he needs the router for only few minutes, so stopping everything running in the PC-1 every time he needs to use the router is very annoying… I can’t stay at the keyboard every time he comes here and need to use the router :doh:

The most obvious solution of course is to temporarily stop the PC-1, and start it again after disconnecting the PC-2, but this is not always possible (he knows that I’ll cut his hands if he tries to make any changes to my computer when I’m not at home ;))

If I understood correctly how QoS works, then it is not a solution. For example, QoS is useful to give more priority to FPT connections over HTTP connections, but this is not the case, because both computer will use HTTP connections at the same time, so I can’t see how QoS can choose what connections needs more priority.

What I need is to give a specific computer a higher priority, or higher bandwidth, and then restore everything when PC-2 is disconnected.

Is it possible? I read somewhere that some switches are “managed” (I also found some at an affordable price), but I have no idea what this means exactly. Is it possible with a managed switch to give a higher priority to all traffic to/from a specific NIC? If yes, then I can insert a switch between the router e the computers (even if I have to use a wired connection instead of wireless).

If not, how can I obtain a higher priority for PC-2 without disconnecting PC-1 from the router or without stopping everything is running in PC-1 until PC-2 is removed from the network?

My current router is a D-Link DIR-655 (see here how it works: simply press the Log in button; no need to type a password), and for what I know it doesn’t allow to set priority to a specific NIC. It only allow QoS, but as I said I’m pretty sure that is not the solution for my problem.

I can consider to purchase a different router if needed.

Thanks for any suggestion :slight_smile:

Something like this?
Is it possible to use Qos via static ip or MAC address on your router?

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Are you referring to this?


Give your computers permanent ip adresses or make sure the DHCP server gives out the same ip to both pc’s each and every time.

Say pc 1 (your pc) = and pc 2 (his pc) =

Then make a local ip range group from to, name the group MyPC and give it high priority.

Then make a local ip range group from to, name the group HisPC and give it low priority.

I’m not really sure if priority 1 is the best or 255 is. :slight_smile:
I’m also not sure if Automatic Classification is handy. Better turn it off i guess.

Yes, apply DHCP reservation (in network settings) to reserve IP addresses for the two machines, then apply the priority rules by IP address.

DHCP reservation is better than forcing a fixed IP on the PC, as that makes it awkward to switch connections. Actually, only one needs to be reserved, as a range could be set for the second rule.
1 is highest - not clear if no set priority would be the absolute lowest, or in the middle.

Thanks a lot for help :slight_smile:

I set the IP addresses and it works correctly :slight_smile:

I have to find a better place for the router because wireless signal is a bit weak, but this is not a big deal :bigsmile: