Is it possible to play/copy to PC DVD-RW VR disc recorded on standalone DVR?

Hi, is there a software or generally some method to playback/copy a DVD-RW VR mode disc (recorded on standalone DVR) on a PC ? Unfortunately according to manual these type of recordings are visible only on other standalone DVD players/recorders and not on PC drive (at least not on my 165H6S)… And eventually is it possible to create DVD VR disc on a PC ?

I think PowerProducer Gold can deal with DVD VR discs.

But it depends on if your Recorder has CPRM enabled or not.

It requires either VR specific drivers or a VR capable software installed.
Some manufacturers provide such drivers, eg. Pioneer.

Cyberlink PowerDVD should play DVD-VR. NeroVision is supposed to handle VR, though I’ve never tried it. (Nero’s media player should play them too.) TMPGEnc-Author is supposed to handle VR, but some folks have reported issues.

The VRO video file is basically just an MPEG, and can be treated as one by re-naming it with a .mpg extension. However, unless it’s a single-session recording, you’ll not be able to access all of it. I use this method a lot, works fine.

I suspect that some recorders are not playing by all the rules when making RAM recordings, and navigations can get messed up when playing on PC. I think the real intention is to use the disc like a tape in the recorder, so being able to take the disc elsewhere isn’t part of the plan.

I use NeroVision to edit the menu’s on my DVD+RW VR formatted discs, I believe it will handle -VR discs as well.

You can also make a + / - VR disc using NeroVision by using the creatDVD but select a DVD writer from the list at the start and NV will make the disc into an editable disc for direct recording.

After I have edited my discs I then use NeroRecord to re-encode the disc from a VR disc to a true DVD disc, basically its the same procedure as shrinking a DVD-9 down to a DVD-5 but because the disc is already a DVD-5 no compression is involved and it just writes the correct DVD structure to make them work on all DVD drives.