Is it possible to overclock a 12/10/32S?



Not sure if this is possible, but can my old 12x SCSI Plex be ‘upgraded’ to a 16x by flasing in a modified f/w update for a 16x drive?

Not even sure if any modded f/w exists anyway, just thought I’d see if it was possible seeing as many ‘newer’ drives like LiteOn seem to be able to achieve this.

Don’t know if it’s possible (or advisable) to go to a higher speed, but now the drive is well out of date I thought I’d see if I can experiment :wink: Maybe the electronics of the drive make it physically impossible, anyone know?


To my knowledge it’s impossible.


Thanks! That’s all I needed to know, saves messing about trying to do the impossible :slight_smile:


Last I looked into it, it was not possible. I have the ide version and it still works. Still a fine piece of hardware.


The plex 1210S has different chipset in comparison to plex 1610A


That’s confirmed and cast in concrete then, no overclocking for my drive!!

Thanks again for the info guys!