Is it possible to mount this image?

did anybody have any success mounting doom 3 images? my original disc works fine… but the image doesnt. i have daemon tools installed currently. i had alcohol 120% trial, clone cd, and some other emulation software installed before. they are uninstalled now. i cleaned the registry with registry cleaner. followed everything from this forum. nothing seems to work. it just says “please insert the correct disc” or something like that. im so afraid to damage the original disc. (this has happened to me before… madden :a )

I can get it working without a hitch. How did you create your image file (What Datatype did you use in Alcohol 120% etc)

What are your drives?

absolutely no problems here, my image (made with alcohol 120%, profile: safedisc, reader: plextor premium, speed: 4x) works great - just mount it and run the game - also with the doom 3 update 1.1 installed…

Used the same settings as Razor except I used my Tosh1712 for reading and DTools 3.47 to mount the image.

If you’re trying it with CloneCD, ensure the CloneCD tray is running, and the option ‘Hide CD-R Media’ is checked. Ensure you have the latest version, which is CloneCD 5.1 at the time of writing, and then try.

In Alcohol 120%, In the Emulation options enable ‘Ignore Media Type’ and then go to ‘Extra emulation’, then check ‘BAD Sectors Emulation’. Ensure you have the latest version which is 1.9.5 at the time of writing.

Try burning it to a media and use your Plextor Premium for both reading, writing and playing the game, and ensure you read and write at 4x. The Premium skips SD errors quite fast.

Good luck.