Is it Possible to make your own .IFO file?

Hi, i am new here and i have an interesting Question and Dilemma.
I ripped a DVD on to my Hard Drive and i tried to back it up using elby CloneDVD and i get this message - New Folder (2)/VIDEO_TS.IFO unable to open file :frowning: , now i have read on these threads that i would have to re ripped the whole entire DVD, instead of just getting the movie itself, problem is that my Lil niece got a hold of my DVD which is ARE WE THERE YET and it is completely destroyed :eek: , i am glad i was able to back up the files but there seems to be something wrong with the IFO file that is already there, when i try to burn the DVD using CloneDVD it gives me that message.

Is there any possible way to fix this or make my own IFO file or whatever i need to make this work, i just need some help please :confused:

any help on this matter is greatly appreciated, God Bless and thanks in advance


there are numerous guides there to help you depending on what’s needed. hope that helps…and welcome to CDFreaks! :bigsmile:

thanks man this saved my ass :bow: