Is It Possible To Make An Exact Copy Of a CD With No Track Breaks?

I want to copy a few of my CDs that have no track breaks (DSOTM, ISOTLC, The Cars, etc…). I know I can do it if I extract the CD as one track but then I can’t navigate the individual tracks as it is just a one track wav.

Is there a way to do this?

Either make an image and burn then or extract/save them and then burn using DAO mode.

For Audio cds get EAC.
then in action menu choose copy image and create .cue sheet uncompressed.
Then burn it in any decent burning program or even in EAC.
(remember you should configure Eac for the best result)

I’ve tried using EAC and extracting individual tracks as WAVs but there is a slight click/gap between tracks when burning them to disk (not a seemless transition to the next track). If I extract as an image then there is no way to navigate the individual tracks (but there is seemless transition between tracks).

I used both Nero and EAC to burn the tracks to disc with the same result.

The CDs I’m talking about don’t have any silence between tracks (they fade into each other for 4 or 5 seconds or longer)

The tracks seem to be extracted properly because if I cue them up in Foobar they play seemlessly.

Use NERO n take out the 2second gap n use fade if you wish…

That doesn’t work either. Still a noticeable gap/click between tracks. They already fade into each other. The trick, I guess, would be to figure out how to join them back together before burning and still have a navigable track menu or find a way to
burn them without the burning program inputing a track break?

EDIT: Well, I went back through all settings and extracted the tracks one more time and it works. All tracks play seamlessly now. I don’t have any idea what it was I was doing wrong. I burned the individual tracks using the cue file with EAC and have perfect copy of my CD now.


You could extract the Disc to Image and then burn or do a On the fly copy of the disc using 2 drives (CD-ROM to CD-Burner).