Is it possible to make a perfect copy of a game wich is protected with safedisc 2.8?



hey everybody!!

i have a few questions
is it possible to make a perfect copy of a game wich is protected with safedisc 2.8? with perfect i mean NO emulations like daemon tools, ect… just play the cd rom without any help… (some say it is possible, some say it isn’t… i am confused :s)

if so, is it also possible with a “1 sheep burner” (aopen cdrw 4080) to make such a perfect copy?

and wich burningprogram is the best for safedisc 2.8? alcohol, clone cd or blindwrite?

sorry for so many questions but it would really make me happy if someone could answer them :slight_smile:



Start here.


this is a forum…
if someone asks a question (like i did) i expect an ANSWER, not some stupid monologue!!! and worst of all, i don’t get the joke, if there is one, please someone answer my questions


frank11: Cool down a little please. Stoner pointed to this part of the forum so you can read up a little. As most/all of the questions you’ve asked were asked about a zillion times before, scrolling through the forums would give you better, faster and more detailled answers to your questions, compared to the answers you could get here in the upcoming hours/days.

If you’d make use of our search function (in the right top of the screen) you’d easily find your answers. There’s no harm in doing that.

I can somehow imagine you feel a little offended, as you stated some pretty clear questions, but I can understand Stoner as well, as he’d probably doesn’t like to post the same information for maybe the 25th time in a row.

But okay, if there are people here that are willing to give an answer, don’t hestitate :wink:

PS don’t forget: you can’t EXPECT or demand anything from us! We are all here for our fun, we aren’t forced to be here and give answers when somebody feels he deserves answers.
I see you got much to learn about forums; you should be graceful to people even reading the posts. If you want anwers, the best way to do this is to gain repesct from our members/crew, and that’s not what you are doing here. Just something to think about :wink:


Yes you can make a copy without the need of some kind of emulation

These are my own experiences:

I use Alcohol 120%, safedisc 2 settings

reading plex40x, you can use a different cd-rom player, you need te be sure that the first read error occurs around 800 or so.

writing, i have a lite-on 48125s and a plex 4/2/20 both will do the job, writing speed is’nt an issue, i think every writer that can sd 2,5 should be able to make a good copy.

latest game I have is Project IGI 2


ok ok i admit, my reaction wasn’t nice, sorry for that. you guy’s are verry nice that you are willing to answer my questions. and i am verry gratefull.
but… if the guy with the monologue does not want to answer these questions, with all respect, is it really necessary for him to offend me? isn’t it better to just not answer and not post anything? cause offend someone is also a form of disrespect…
think about it…
but what i really wanted to say is that i am sorry for my reaction.
and thanks hanfra for answer my question, i really appreciate it!



Okay enough said about this… we all know what&how so back to business I’d say… :wink: