Is it possible to make 2 DVD to one simply with one program?

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I have some Video DVD disks that are about half size of regular DVD5. So I’m wondering if it’s a simply way to make one Video DVD compilation from two DVDs but with all menus to be exists in the new DVD. I mean I want to make new compilation that will have one extra menu to choose one of two video DVD and then show me the original DVD menu from that disk.

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it won’t be possible to combine them while keeping the original menus, but you can author your own menus with a an authoring program like DVDlab and still be able to choose between the two movies.

I know there is a program that allow to save original menus!!! Because I saw a lot of 2 in 1 disks released with original menus. I just don’t know what kind of program do they use to make it.

Actualy more general question: what software allow you to import DVD video with menus (not only video, but menus too) and then edit it and save it back to disk? I know software that can be used to create and then edit the disk and it allows to import DVD Video, but not the menus. I’m talking about TMPGenc DVD Creator.

Maybe Adobe Encore DVD can do the job? Anyone tried it? I mean new version 2.0.

I meant Adobe Encore DVD v1.5… :slight_smile:

For video editing and authoring purposes, I recommend IfoEdit and DVD Remake Pro.
Actually, I think Recode may allow you to import and edit the menus as well. I’ve never had to do this, so I can’t recall at the moment. Hmm! Nice thing to try out on my spare time.

IfoEdit is a freeware that is really powerful:
Only problem, limited support and has been beta for sometime. Can be really complicated to learn at first.

DVD Remake can:
With DVDReMakePro you can Edit VM commands, Modify buttons and color schemes in either still or motion menus, Easily change highlights colors, Edit and create new TitleSets, Titles, Chapters, ProgramChains, Programs, Move TitleSets, ProgramChains, commands within the disk or between different DVDs.

Benefit of DVD Remake is ease of use versus IfoEdit. But don’t let the “smallness” of IfoEdit fool you. It is a very powerful program that when learned properly will allow you to edit most if not all of commercial and noncommercial dvds and of course your own dvds. The biggest thing that I like about it is its ability to strip multiangle DVDs, rebuild vobs, bups, etc… This little tool allows you to view the entire DVD structure chain. You won’t believe how complicated a DVD is until you see it under IfoEdit. Daunting!!!

DVD Remake makes it easy to author menus, chapters, warnings, etc… with less time spent in the learning process. Not so with IFoEdit.

EMax, since you have so many thought-provoking questions, I’m glad to refer you to The best site for all your cd, dvd, video, audio, etc… questions. You’ll find out that the site also lists and ranks many of the softwares that I just recommended. It will also allow you to see and hear from different users about all the softwares, hardwares, etc… that you can think of. Being able to read comments there is a big plus!

And of course, no DVD or CD guru should be without dvddecrypter. This software will allow you to rip and make an entire image of your DVDs so that you can get started with authoring them with the recommended softwares. Visit

Other additional useful sources:

I hope that I was of some help for most of your questions. Later. I got to go to work.