Is it possible to install 3 cdrom drives using 1 ide connector?

Hi … my mobo has only 2 ide connectors on it.1 is for my 2 hdd’s and the other is for my dvd reader and cdrw.i just got a prezzie from santa,a dvdrw and was wondering if i can use all 3 drives together ?,even tho’ i need another ide connector.can i buy a ide splitter of some sort?? any suggestions please guy’s:confused:

you can purchase a pci hotrod card - eg another card that has two more ide channels, make sure it is at least ata66/100 and you should be fine.

Or you could just upgarde your motherboard and pick a model with RAID. This way you can use up to 8 IDE devices (with some limitations though). I did the same thing, and this system works great. Only thing i hate about FastTrak133 RAID, that BIOS… It takes one year and a day to post!-(

thnx for your help guys … i think i will just have to buy an ide card as i dont want to buy a new mobo as i’ve only had this one (asus a7v8x) a few months!!.i’ve just had to unplug the dvd reader for now.