Is it possible to get a decent dvd printer around $100

just wondering if its possible to get a decent dvd printer around 100 dollars or so give or take ALITTLE. thank all, brian.

Canon MP610 at They have brand new, refurbs and open box. You can get the “F” tray from eBay for around $25.00 and directions to make the printer print to disk are stupid easy from

Checked at the Epson store(,. If you’re in the U.S., currently selling the RX680 under"EPSON STORE"-“SPECIALS” link for $109.00. Excellent printer, scanner, copier, with 2 paper trays and 2-sided printing. Also does quick, good quality photos. Been using it to scan and print DVD’s for almost a year, and works great for both tasks. Comes with a small program, Epson Print CD, makes creating and printing DVD labels pretty easy. As with any printer, plan on hitting E-bay and buying a CIS system for it to reduce ink costs to a tiny fraction of what cartidges cost. CIS don’t always work perfectly in all printer models, but the 680 is an easy install, and haven’t had a single problem with printer or CIS since day 1. Been printing DVD’s for years, RX680 and CIS is a very good choice and a steal at this price.:iagree:

whats an f tray, im new to this. thanks, brian

Canon printers sold in the US have the disc printing ability disabled. You need to modify the printer and get the printing tray that they don’t give you with US-sold Canon printers. Tried it myself, and went back to my Epson, preferred the print quality.