Is it possible to force my GSA-4082B to write only at 1x?



Hi guys!

I am having a hard time cause I´ve got to burn some DVDs at 1x. While my TDK -R 2x stock lasted, everything went fine. The problem is that nowadays I can only get 4x media and above… Everytime that I get one of this 4x-8x DVD-R, my GSA-4082B DVD recorder wont write DVD´s in any speed lower than 2x…

Is there a way to force the recorder to write at 1x?

Thank you guys!


Suggestion 1: Get a Pioneer DVR-A06.

Suggestion 2: Get some Taiyo Yuden 2x DVD-R.

Suggestion 3: Burn at 4x to 16x.

Suggestion 4: Use DVD-RW or DVD+RW for 2x or 2.4x recording.


Why would you want to burn at a slower rate than you can?
Is it because your home player won’t read them if they are burnt at a higher speed?
If that’s the case, why not buy a $30.00 player?


I’m not sure whether GSA-4082B allows 1x burning on TYG01 4x DVD-R media. TYG01 costs now US$0.4 in Seoul, one of the cheapest good-quality media here.