Is it possible to fool CDRW drives from recognizing copied cds?

I have a toshiba cdrw/dvd drive combo. Obviously, inserting a copied cd in the drive will make it detectable as a copy by copy protections that look for this. Is it possible to burn a cd without the header information that classifies it as a non pressed cd? Or a standalone loader program that can intercept the cd-seek and remove any incriminating information that the CD-RW can read but a normal cd drive cant read? I dont know if I am making any sense…

Perhaps a crack for the grayed out “hide cdr media” options in certain cd-copier programs… I honestly dont feel like changing my country to Canada just to use them… there’s got to be a better way :slight_smile:


Clonecd 4 Region Killer.

It will unlock hide cd-r media and amplify weak sectors.

Well exactly what I anted, thanks!

behold the power of :smiley:

You have a point… however, in my defense, I would like to say that I DID search exhaustively for something to crack the Clonecd hide crd option the week after the release and found ZILCH except for tips to change my region to canada. BUt yeah… i feel sheepish now :slight_smile: Thanks for the patient reply anyway :slight_smile:

its really no big deal, sometomes its just a matter of knowing what to search for. You probably searched for something like hide cd-r crack or patch or something like that. I searched for ccd4 region killer. I wasn’t getting on to you, I was just showing you the amazing power of a search engine.:slight_smile:

Glad I could help and welcome to the forum.