Is it possible to find Pioneer QuietDriveUtility for 115L?



i have crossflash my DVR-A15 to DVR-A15J, but i couldn’t find the QuietDriveUtility for it, seems that the pureread/powerread functions also need this Utility…




Pure Read and Power Read needs special software from Cyber Link. Both will work with Buffalo Firmware as well as with A15J firmware.
For PureRead you will need Cyber Link Power2Go v5 for PURE READ and for Power Read Cyber Link PowerDVD7 for Pioneer Drives. The QuietDriveUtility gives some more detailed options for Pure Read but this also will only work with the Pioneer bundled Cyberlink Software.
There is no possibility as of now to use Pure or Power Read with NERO or any other software besides Cyber Link which comes bundled with Pioneer Drives.


eh…koba~do you have the QuietDriveUtility for A/S15J?


No sorry…I dont have it…


well~thank you all the same, still searching…