Is it possible to find and download audio files which are uncompressed?



Hey guyz! Newbie here so forgive me if my questions sounds too noobish. :bigsmile:

Anyway I’ve always been obssessed about downloading and burning audio cd’s which sound just as good as the original ones. Is this even possible actually? Where can I download audio files which are uncompressed and sound exactly the same as those of an original cd’s?

Recently, I came across FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec). Has anyone heard of it? Is it any good?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Look for monkey’s audio. Compression yes, but it’s lossless; gives an exact bit-for-bit copy of the original. The extension for monkey’s audio is .APE

You should find a few archives (ZIP or RAR) labelled “EAC APE”, means extracted with Exact Audio Copy, encoded with Monkey’s Audio.

I’ve found a few on eMule.


Yes. :slight_smile:


If it is uncompressed, expect your download speed to rise as the file size will be bigger.


u really want uncompressed audio files for download?? sorry, but thats really a freaky thing, because the really uncompressed wave files are about 40 megs a song… no matter what download speed u have, that’s gotta be really fast and also a high download volume…but if u can afford that and you can find other freaks “sorry” who share such files, then u cud go with kazaa


if you have access to newsgroups there are a few of them
you can also get a bunch of live recordings that are in flac or shn from

lossless is the way to go, mp3s suck


Emule has a lot of lossless audio content as well. Unfortunately only the popular artists are well shared, and we all know how good those CDs are :Z


Never heard of this .APE

Does anyone know if files compressed using it, are compatible with nero or
other burning software?


Using a cue file you can burn it directly with EAC.