Is it possible to erase the serial in the PX-716A


i think the serial is burned in the Flash Eprom in an area where the flashing Firmware arent. Is ist possible to delete the serial with a tool or other way ?


now why would you need to delete the serial number?? :rolleyes:

Put on your nefarious thinking cap for a second:

  1. Perhaps he wants to do a “local store RMA” and switching the labels won’t be the complete solution. Switching labels would be necessary if you’ve cut a UPC label out of your current box.

  2. Perhaps he wants to switch drives with a buddy without the person knowing?

Granted, there is likely no legitimate purpose for doing this…

my question was a rhetorical one, but thanks for the effort :wink:

Ok, I would’ve picked that up if you had a winking emoticon, but the one with “wide eyed wonderment” made me think you were looking for an actual reason…

that wide eyed wonderment is actually (rolleyes) :wink:

The plextor also stamps all the DVD-R discs (and maybe others?) with the drives serial number.

So in theory, any leaked discs could get traced back to you.

Recording Management Area Information:
SONY 2004042000052150SONY DW-D18A

DVD-R disc burned with Lite-On 812S@832S. DW-D18A (SONY ID? :confused: )

Is this really a function of the drive itself or is it done by the burning software (see for example the “extra lables” in Neros “Title” setup)?

That’s why never register your dvd burners! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

where would one fine the burner info on burned DVD? i’ve never seen it reported in any software.

lol zevia, now why would you have to be worried :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, I’m not worried… since I use DVD+R, not DVD-R like Linghtning said :stuck_out_tongue:

So the very simplest solution would be to use DVD+R. :smiley:

forgot to respond this one…

On the outside/top part where you use to label it with Sharpie… you need to wipe it with lemon and blow it warm to reveal the numbers… :stuck_out_tongue:

[sorry, I just watched National Treasure] :bigsmile:

haha, that’s what i thought.

can someone show me a screenshot of the burner info being displayed? i can’t see it in PT, Decrypter, NERO or anything else.

For your eyes only! :bigsmile:

thx! my -R test discs don’t show that at all :confused:

Anytime! :slight_smile:
Burned with Lite-On 812@832.
Maybe Plextor drives don’t stamp DVD-R’s with their serials really?

well, i initially looked at the -R test disc in my Samsung DVD-ROM which didn’t show anything. now i’m looking at it in one of my PX716s and it shows the brand and model # of the burner but no serial number.

Same here.