Is it possible to do this?

Hi, I have a video clip that plays on my windows media player and want to watch it on my dvd player (home theatre) , is this possible and how do i do it?? do i just burn it to a dvd or what??? any help would be grear. Thanks

depends on your dvd player, the file format, and the filesize.

if your dvd player is able to play this fileformat (? mpeg, avi, divx, …) and the file is not larger than 700 (1gb) mb you should be able to burn it on cd (dvd) and watch it on tv. (1024 on dvd, cause a dvd player is only able to work with files <= 1gb, if the file is larger ----> convert to dvd)

if your dvd player is not able to read this formats, but (s)vcd and the filesize is not to large you can create a (s)vcd using nero.

if your player is only able to read dvd, you have to convert the file to dvd format and burn it to dvd.