Is it possible to do this with a new duplicate dvd drive for x360?

I was wondering since you can play burned games on a flashed dvd drive for xbox 360 would it be possible then to leave the current dvd drive thats already in the xbox in tact and just buy another one thats identical (i.e. hitachi, benq) and just unplug the sata cord that goes from the motherboard to original drive then hook it up to the new dvd drive you bought and flash that one. the reason you might ask is simple, you play the burned games offline on the flashed drive, but if you want to play xbox live you plug in the original dvd drive and play the games that were bought for multiplayer purposes without getting banned.

if this can be done what dvd burner do you guys recommend getting
is it actually as simple as just changing the sata cable from one burner to the new one? (besides the flashing of the drive from the pc)
and if a hard drive is attached to the xbox360 will the affect this idea in any way.
Thnx everyone for the input

please tell me somebody here knows what i am talking about, if this is possible then this might be a great idea specially using a hair dryer to take off the microsoft sticker thus not to void warranty to do the steps above.