Is it possible to disable emule uploads legally

can anyone help me remove uploading on emule cause not only does it p**s me off but adds to my download limit on broadband.
ice cold

wrong question:)
ask better for programms that can mesure the bandwidth of everyapplication and you can give them as much bandwidth as you want;)

ok then so do you know of any freeware has to be adware and spyware free programs that will do this

sadly, uploading is a vital part of any p2p program

I was thinking the exact same thing. If everyone wanted to do this, P2P wouldn’t exist. File Sharing is based on what it says…file sharing. I would hate to find people only wanting to TAKE and not feel the need to GIVE.


I see where your coming from but the thing is i would be generous but the limit is easily reached as it is a gb per month anything over and the internet cuts out unfortuantly
So sharing is offlimits really
especially 1gb to 600 people lol

Whats your upload limit? Find a program to limit the upstream bandwidth for emule. Or just use Azureus with built it capping support.

Leaching is not cool.

or…you could meter yourself, so that you only take as much as you can give back under your cap…

I use Azureus to download my files off the Bit Torrent network. I never cap any of my downloads partly: cos im on DSL and party cos its not good for the network.


I sometimes use a program called NetLimiter to limit my emule uploads. I do this as emule can be so slow to d/l anything & I’m usually using azureus at the same time where I prefer to be generous with my u/l bandwidth.