Is it possible to detect CRC without a .sfv file?

See if any1 can help me…
I have d/l a copy of game Chicken Farm in rar format…
it does not have a .sfv (if any1 knows it has, please contact me…)

Now the big problem: i use winrar to extract the whole thing and get a “chickenfar.bin file is corrupt!” but it wont tell me WHERE the CRC error is… Would the only solution be to d/l the files all over again or is there a way to detect where the error is, even w/o a .sfv file?

Appreciate any kind of help, a lot!!!

regards, silvale

I also have this problem sometimes. When I unpack a bin with winrar and get a corrupt bin error message, I give it another try, it works sometimes or unpack it using winace.

Btw are the rar files named like this tbt-cfeg.rar, if so then I have the tbt-cfeg.sfv file for you. Mail me if you need it.