Is it possible to customize Firefox?

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I’d like to know if there is a way to customize keyboard shortcuts in Firefox. Currently I’m using latest version, i.e.

What I’d like to change is the letter associated with menu “History” (see pic). By default, to open the menu “History” other than left clicking on it with the mouse it’s possible to press “ALT + S” but I’d like to change the default letter to open this menu with “ALT + H” instead.

Is it possible?

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you may have a look here:


Thanks for the link :bow:

I’ll have a read :slight_smile:

It is open source, so with enough interest you could potentially change anything you wanted.

I tried to find a way to customize firefox, but the documentation is not really user friendly :frowning:

I am not able at all to do software programming, and all documentation seems written for experts only.

I know that Firefox is opensource, but as I said I’m not able to understand anything in software development, so browsing sourcecodes is not an option for me :frowning:

Have you tried searching the forums and KB at Mozilla ?

Actually no :o

I will try now. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Let us know what you find out, I’m sure it’s been discussed there.

I was looking in “about:config” and didn’t see any entries there, but it’s got to be in one of the config files.

I checked too in “about.config” but it’s not really user friendly :o

No lucky until now in Mozilla forum :frowning:


You will need two extensions to do what you want.

Functions for Keyconfig

I don’t know how well these will work with the latest version of FireFox.

See here.


[B]Functions for Keyconfig[/B]

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Sorry link provided takes you to the middle of the page, you know what to do.

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Hi platinum :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. I read about these extensions, but [B]Keyconfig[/B] is described as working on Firefox 1.5 only (no support for 2.0 or later). Reading on documentation, however, it seems that these extensions allows only to create custom keyboard shortcuts for existing features of firefox (like opening new tabs, save pages, etc).

What I’m trying to do is to change the [B][U]S[/U][/B] letter in the History menu with the H letter, so to open the history menu it can be used the <ALT>h keyboard shortcut instead of <ALT>s. In version 1.5 of Firefox, <ALT>h was the default shortcut, and I really can’t understand why it was changed in <ALT>s in version 2.

Until now I haven’t found a method to change this :frowning:

Probably this require a new compile from sources, and I’m not able at all to do this :o

I guess your stuck with the S key :wink: just think of it like SexySoutherner as History :wink:

Can I have the original instead of a “S” key? :wink:

After trying to solve this issue for a while (with no success, of course :o) I posted a help request in the official Mozilla forums.

I got yesterday a very interesting answer. I’ll check it right now and I’ll report here if it is working :slight_smile:

Ok, just tested and it is working corretly.

The solution is the following:

[li]Open a new tab in firefox and type [B]about:config[/B][/li][li]search for the item [B]ui.key.contentAccess[/B]. In my browser the default value was 5[/li][li]double click on it[/li][li]Change the value to 4[/li][li]Enjoy :bigsmile:[/li][/ul]

To be more precise, the reason why I want to do this change is that pressing ALT+S is a keyboard shortcut to post a reply here in the forum. Applying the above method, now it is possible again to use the keyboard shortcut to post a reply without the History menu opening.

It works here. Thanks Geno

I doesn’t work in chat though

I just posted this quick reply pressing ALT+S, and it worked :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=geno888;2022671]I just posted this quick reply pressing ALT+S, and it worked :)[/QUOTE]yes it does Geno :flower: and thank you again :bow: