Is it possible to crosshflash a SHW-160P6S to SHW-165P6S

Hi, I’m thinking of getting a liteon SHW-160P6S and was wondering if it’s possible to croshflash it to SHW-165P6S so it can have dvd ram capability. Also if it will accept the latest SHW-165P6S firmwares after the crossflashing.

this has been asked a lot of times. there’s no way to tell if your 160p6s will work correctly with dvd-ram. some might do it, some not.

Well, from the past posts that i had read, i didn’t see a defenite answer, especially from the liteon gurus. So, I thought there was no harm in asking again. But looks like there’s nothing available currently that will allow it to crossflash to a SHW-165P6S, I guess it’s better for me to to get a 111D which can be crossflashed easily to a 111L that will enable not only ram but also labelflash. Also that drive has much more consistent results (better results) than a liteon with much less f*****g around, so the pioneer 111D it is, it’s only about 5 bucks more anyways.

Why think about doing that when the both the SHM-165H6S and SHM-165P6S are cheaper than the 160 models right now at Newegg… :iagree: note that these are SHM, not SHW.

Well, actually I’m in Canada and that’t the only model I can get my hands on is the SHW-160P6S, it’s on sale here for $35.50 and the other model that’s available is SHM-165H6S which is $53.99 and I don’t wanta spend that much. By the way what’s the difference between the SHM and SHW?

If your objective is RAM and you don’t mind no scanning, the 111L route is a better way to go. I have both drives and the Pioneer is a slightly better burner.

Thanks chas, that’s what i’m gona do, and the 111D is only 40 dollars and I allready have a benq1620 to scan with. This will be my second 111D i allready have one crossflashed to 111L and i just love the quality it burns with. I needed another drive for my other computer and i kind of liked all the toys that are available for the liteon drives, but in the end it’s all about how good of a burner they are and 111D is far ahead of any of the new liteons.

I don’t know what the difference is. Both the 165 models have DVD RAM. BTW, prices changed overnight at Newegg. 165 models slightly more than 160 models now… :frowning:

SHM have dvd-ram support (16[B]5[/B]x6s), SHW (16[B]0[/B]x6s) don’t.

My favorite price anomaly at Newegg is when the Retail version is less than the OEM. Good old supply and demand.

I’m reviving this thread because it is the top Google result for shw-160P6S crossflash shm-165P6s.

No, it is not possible to crossflash, in my experience. Using C0deKing’s Flash Utility 2.0.0, the drive is seen as an SHM-165P6S in Windows. Unfortunately, no disc is recognized and the front LED blinks constantly.

Oh well, with USB flash as cheap as it is, I don’t have a pressing need for DVD-RAM (although I did buy a 3-pk of 5x from to play with on other drives).

It is possible, I have done it with my drive.

Right, I forgot about the great EEPROM Utility 3.6.2 with the Update button on the Crossflash tab.

My Sony label DWQ120A (mfg April 2006) is reading and writing DVD-RAM just fine now as a 165.

Oh, and thanks for posting the deal about, scoobie. I probably wouldn’t have bought any otherwise (newegg doesn’t carry any, last time I looked).

I crossflashed mine differently, but glad that yours is working fine.

If you go for a Pio might as well get the 112D, just released in North America and will have more firmware delvelopment, in the US it is only a dollar more then the 111D. Just a note it burns DL disc very very well.