Is it possible to crossflash DVD-ROM Drives?



I was thinking, since we crossflash so many DVD Writers, is there any way to crossflash DVD Rom drives, say 166s with 167t or even better so that they can have better speeds / speedhacks and error correction. And a question: does the firmware handle error correction or does the chipset have hardcoded error correction which cannot be changed?


you an’t crossflash two drives with different hardware.
In your case a 166S is different from a 167T so the answer is NO.


that’s a good question. anybody got an answer?


Don’t quote me on this b/c I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s the chipset…


That is a good question. If it is in hardware, then what does firmware do other than just recognize the media?


Then I’d imagine even 256Kb for that would be too much. Say if it controls the speeds for spindle, load eject, laser tracking particularities, laser power and book type recognition it would appear that that would mostly be handled by chipset and even 256Kb would be too much for this. I wonder whether there’s anything else. (Oh and region codes and CSS Key Exchange too) - is that it?


… and the other ~100 standard commands a drive has to support.


LOL - well- they don’t really change anyway - hence the lack of firmware updates. But what do firmware updates do? say the liteon ones occasionally have them - and they say it improves media compatibility … how? and so most stuff stays the same?

(and buffering/caching too … i assume? [for firmware])


you have to understand more than the firmware to know whats really going on in the drive. but the sourcecode of some firmware would be really nice, especially to create patched firmwares out of it.




There’s gotta be a balance between chipset and firmware. There are a lot of things that are just too complex to practically hard-wire in the chipset, so that’s in the firmware. But if the chipset is too barren, then it adds complexity to the firmware and having things hard-wired can be useful sometimes in terms of efficiency. So it’s a balancing act, and different drives have the line drawn at different places.


Good point, and so I have seen old drives wid ROM and no Flash… so I guess most of the things in the firmware usually don’t change often…


I have a Lite-ON DVDRW SOHW-16735 and it was working good. The only problem I had it would’nt burn to DVD+R Disk.

I read about firmware upgrade, so I tried it and that was the wrong thing to do. The firmware was [JS05] then I upgraded to [BSOS] and after that my computer will not notice that the burner is even there and the green lite just keeps blinking.

I’m running Windows 98SE and like I said it worked good all but the DVD+R disk until I upgraded the firmware.

Could anyone Please Help me with this???

Thank’s A Million…


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