Is it possible to create a multisession DVD with nero?



Hello, I’ve read some posts regarding this question I make. I’ve also used the search function, but I couldn’t find any post like the one I’m goint to post, so here it is:

You are about to change the Book Type to DVD-ROM.
This is the recommended setting for achieving the highest DVD-Video playback compatibility.
The Book Type setting ‘DVD-ROM’ still allows you to create a multisession disc.
Click OK to proceed or Cancel to discard your changes.

That message appears when, in “Choose recorder” dialog, if your recorder supports bit-setting and booktype change, clicking over “options >> button” -> from the drop down list you select “DVD-ROM”. From that message I understand that nero supports multisession recording for dvd, but as I’ve read in some posts, only the last session would be viewable for windows. Is there any way to bypass this? The only way possible is to create a non multisession disc?


IIRC ony the first session will be visible in older versions of windows.

I use XP and don’t have any problems.

Read the message carefilly the next time it appears for more info <g>.


I suspect that there’s something about multi-session discs that you’re not aware of.

It is true that Windows XP will only show the LAST session on a multi-session disc (DVD or CD), but when you burn a multi-session disc in Nero or other burning software the default is to import references to all files written in previous sessions, so the last session will usually contain the files you just added as well as all the files previously written!


yeah i know all of that, been a long time creating multisession cd-r, and yep

Well, I didn’t ask it really well, but now I have win2k pro installed at home, and when I tried the other day to burn a multisession dvd nero warned me:

With cd-r it’s true that if you selected “Continue multisession disc” the previous data will be added to new session, so you’ll see the previous content, but does it happen with dvd as well, or due to its limitations it’s not possible ?

Anyway, thanx for your help! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes this also works with DVDs.