Is it possible to create a multi-session DVD movie (Video TS)

I require a program that does one of the following:

I doubt it is possible to do this, but if it were possible,

I am required to add 1-2 minutes of video to a video file every week for the work that I do, once I add this extra 1-2 minutes, I burn it off to make a DVD disc, that uses the Audio TS/Video TS method so that it is playable in all DVD players. However, burning a new DVD every time I add 1-2 minutes to a 20 minute file is extremely time consuming.

Is it possible to create a multi session disc that uses the method mentioned above, so that the movie remains playable in all DVD players, without having to create a new disc every time. Basically, just adds extra video to the DVD.

Or, would the only possible way be to create the original avi file on a multisession disc, and add the 1-2 minute avi file to the disc each time I record the new material? If this is the only way, it’s my understanding that many DVD players do not allow avi files to be watched.

In this case, what would be the standard file format to use?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

To my knowledge none of the things you ask are possible… the 1st regarding the dvd_video is out of specifications me thinks, while the second regarding the avi again cannot be done, you can only add a second avi file of 1-2 minutes if you go for multisession, and then again a lot of standalone players do not support playing avi files, not to say avi files recorded in multisession.

But maybe someone else knows more or can find another solution for you :slight_smile:

Edit: I would probably go for something like this; make a dvd_video from the first avi file with lets say convertxtodvd, then everytime i have a second avi i would make a new dvd_video with CX2D, since we are talking about small lenght avis, the encoding should take only a few minutes in a modern system, and you need not spend more than a minute for making the settings.