Is It Possible To Correct DVD+R with a flaw i the disc?

I just recorded a great music concert on my DVD recorder, I had noticed that during recording it had paused briefly in a freeze frame then a quick checkerboard effect flashed and the recording continued. I thought if I were lucky maybe when I played back it would not show but it did. I looked at the bottom of the DVD+R and it has a peculiar curve mark embedded in the media which resembles the shape of a clipped fingernail about one half inch long. I have not finalized the disc as yet and other then that pause and checkerboard effect it plays well. I checked the recorder menu for something that might eliminate the pause but I see nothing that addresses that. So my question is can I eliminate the pause somehow before during or after finalization of the disc? :rolleyes:

your screwed basically…it’s not fixable…that checkerboard effect is called “pixelating”…usally it’s due to overspeeding your media(burning to fast on a blank disc) or you might have a bad spot on your HD or it could be that it’s a crappy burner…Some are better than others

are you saying there is a physical irregularity on the disc surface? if that’s the case then it is this irregularity that i causing your pixellation and there’s nothing any software can do to fix it.

it’s possible that after you finalize the disc you may be able to rip it to your computer and reburn to another disc, but if the disc itself is damaged you’re likely to run into some errors in the ripping stage.

Just so you understand I recorded on a standalone DVD recorder not a computer I was just thinking that there might be something on the market that would allow me to skip that small sequence so that the pixelation and pause would not be seen.

At this point, just copy it down to your computer and open it in a program where you can view the timeline and such and then edit those seconds or fractions there of out. Then burn a new disc based on the new file.

Depending on the file format on the disc you will need the correct program for the file capture/transfer, timeline viewing/editing, and reburning. I use adobe premiere elements for that kind of stuff. Probably the best on the market in it’s class and not too $$$ either. It all depends on what you have, but this program will probably be able to fix it. There are others out there that do the same thing, but as of about a year ago I tried probably the top five at that time and compared them against each other and even though other programs seemed to have better features, none of them had the reliability or quality as PE.

Not trying to sell PE, but you seem pretty concerned about your disc and its contents, so I just thought I would make the recomendation.

Good Luck,