Is it possible to copy Hitman2 with CRW5224A?


I have an [B]ASUS CRW5224A[/B] writer and I can't copy   Hitman 2. I've tried BW and clone cd but the backup still not work. It is spining.... :(  Can someone tell me what exactly to do to make a perfect copy ?

Sorry for my bad english…

you can make a back-up of securom protected cd’s with the asus crw5224a.
but hear some stories that asus isn’t 100% supported by blindread/write. wich i find a bit stange since asus is one off the leading brands.
but the drive is capable off doing it, now the software that allow the asus to do it.

ok but how?

take a look at this thread. there is everything explained how to back-up securom.
as far as i know blindread is the only software currently available to make a working back-up of securom very new
but maybe in the near future ccd and alcohol wil be able to handle it too.