Is it possible to copy a -RW disc from a +RW?

Just found out that my older laptop will only play -RW discs. I have movies burned onto DVD + RW and would like to transfer them to the -RW. Is this possible?

I would use Nero or Clone DVD for this.

Depends on how they were burned, especially with what Filesystem or method.

I would try with CloneCD and DVDDecrypter/Imgburn.

I’d rip them to an ISO image with DVD Decrypter & then burn that imagea with the same app or ImgBurn.

There might be a problem with using ISO images, since that will copy the +VR structure of the +RW onto the -RW disc. With a dual format drive it normally wouldn’t matter, but as it’s not, the copy may be incompatible.

If it doesn’t work then a simple copying of the files from +RW to HDD, and then back again onto a -RW formatted in Video mode should be possible.

This may sound dumb…and I ask for my own education as well as helping the poster, would bitsetting be an option here? I’m not sure how it apply’s to +rw, but just an idea…

Bitsetting a +RW depends on your drive/firmware version/burner software (in this respect I thing there is no prob with Nero if you have one of the last vers. 6 releases or up).
Myself I did use this because I’ve a Samsung DVD drive that only supports the “minus” discs.