Is it possible to copy a DVD?

Hello guys!

I’ve got a question. Is it possible to copy a complete DVD? Also with the extra options and stuff…! I know it’s possible to make a vcd or a svcd of it, but I’ve never seen a complete copied DVD!

Depends on the size of the DVD…
And I believe that due to certain protections it is not yet possible to make a 1:1 copy, but I suggest reading through our DVD forums, I think you can find answers there…

Rempeg is what you need! It downsizes your dvd9 to dvd5 format with all the extra’s/menu’s still available. This is accomplished by using a lower bitrate for movie data, but according to tests this degradation in image quality is only marginal.

Any idea where can i find Rempeg?:slight_smile:

Yeah, that sounds great! But where can I find it?


Originally posted by MrBB
Yeah, that sounds great! But where can I find it?

Come on guys… not familiar with the power of Google?

Thanks portmac
and Upp3rd0G just want the easy way :smiley: if it is possible you convert for me too! :bigsmile: just joking!

Thanx portmac!

This is great!