Is it possible to copy a DVD-R disc onto a DVD+R disc? and how do you do it?



Hi I’m new here and new to the wonderful world of disc burning. I wondered if one of you kind people could help me please?

Is it possible to copy a DVD-R disc onto a DVD+R disc? and how do you do it?

My burner copies the original minus disc fine then when I put the plus disc in to copy onto it says I should put the correct format disc in??

HELP please??



Seems you may have a -R burner only. If so you will not be able to use +R discs at all.


Please supply us with information about your hardware,then we will be able to help sort your problem out.


I’ve got the same “problem”. But it doesnt bother me 'cause i always use DVD+R. I’ve got a DVD± Burner!
See my signature for my hardware…


Thanks for your quick replies :slight_smile:

Reading from the box… I have an Optorite DD1205. It also says “DVD+R double layer” and DVD +/- RW, which I thought meant I could use either?

Please excuse my ignorance, I’m learning as I go along :slight_smile:



Yeah, you have a DVD± Burner
So DVD- to DVD+ should give no problems


What -R medias are you using, the message is probably caused by unsupported medias. I would suggest to update your drives firmware to the latest version to get support for more media.


Caz is not having any problems with -R medoia it is +R media causing the problems.

What + media are you using, and have you tried different ones? Areyou trying with single or dual layer? What software?


It can depend on the method of copying too. I think with some software if you are trying to do an exact disk to disk copy it cannot do it because + and - have a diffrent file structure so it cannot make an exact copy. You could copy the file from one to the other but not make an “exact” copy.


You blinded me with science now… LOL!!

I’ll get my son to look at your replies tomorrow, he’s better with the technical stuff than I am, Thanks for your help… I will be back :slight_smile:



I’ve had that problem before trying to do a straight copy. I ended up getting around the problem by reading with dvdshrink and making the new dvd with dvdcrypter. That worked for me. I’m sure that other softwares will do the same.


+,-,-,+,-,+,-,-,+ I was gone confused, sorry. However, the answer is the same for +R. :wink:


Thank you for your help, I have updated my drives firmware but still no luck but will try other software. :wink:



If you are trying to copy a full -R disc - the data will not fit on a +R disc - mainly because the +R has less room (data space) on it-

If it is a partially filled disc - it should copy - no problem IMO-



That’s interesting. I didn’t realize the capacities were slightly different. I’ve converted about a dozen and never run into that problem yet. (TV shows burned on a Toshiba DVR and movies backed up on a Plextor.)

DVDShrink/Nero does a good job of converting -R to +R.

Later, Conrad