Is it possible to copy a copied CD?

If i copy a orignal CD perfectly, 1:1. Can i take the copied CD and copy it just like i copied the first one? I know this has been asked already but i can’t find the post. Thanks! I know the question is confusing.

If you made a exact copy you should be able to make a copy of a copy no problem.:slight_smile:

Yea as long as its a perfect copy, only difference is that the read time might be a lil faster or slower.

Reading time will usually, though not always, be a little slower when duplicating a copy.

Also, whether a copy of a copy will be successful will depend on the manner in which the “original” copy was made (not all working copies are equal and some programs do a better job than others).

Finally, you should be aware that with each copy, inevitably there is some degradation (no copy is ever quite as good as the original) and so, if copies of copies of copies are made, then, even with the best duplicating software and media, eventually a point will be reached where the copy won’t be usable.