Is it possible to convert wax to wav?



A certain website streams music in wax file format. Now when i listen to it in windows media player it is possible to go to file and save as. Now it saves the full file (around 70Mb) but it saves it as wax file format.

I have tried dragging this file into nero but it wont understand it.

What software do i need to convert this wax music into .wav…?

Is this possible…?

ThanX in Advance :slight_smile:


I’ve never heard of the file extension wax. Somehow the file extension might have been saved wrong. This has happened to me when saving a small mpg1 video on occasion. Somehow the .mpg wasn’t saved properly and WMP didn’t recognize the file but would play it when I tried playing it. I checked the file/s with Gspot (free) and the files in question were actually mpeg1 with a non mpg file extension. I simply renamed the file extension to .mpg. Use Gspot or Avicodec (both free) and see what the actual info for the file/s are.


If it is a procomm script, it is a script and that’s it. Try to capture the sound with a sound editor that comes with that feature (i.e. capturing).


Ha, I thought you were talking about vinyl. Wax is slang for vinyl records.LOL :iagree:



Man, That’s what I thought at first to. Didn’t want to mention it though. I thought I would sound stupid!! :o


I figured at least a few people here would associate wax with vinyl, looks like theres at least 2 of us that did! LOL! :iagree:


I actually read this thread thinking someone wanted to digitize the sound from an Edison Wax Cylinder. That would have been an interesting trick indeed.


Nobody else thought of ear wax?


This thread has gotten incredebly out of control!!! That’s why I keep coming back. :bow:


As far as I can see from some google-ing, .wax files are just playlists of songs. To actually capture the streams, try Streambox VCR.

Download here:

Guide here:


If they are just a playlist, then why is he saving them/it as 70MB? I disagree since a playlist is only a few megs…unless he was mistaken aboutthe size.


Apparantly it can also be streamed format. However, there is no mention of a converting program, from now on I would recommend ripping the streams with Streambox VCR.

I will continue to search for a way of converting these files for you.


Looks like they are just meta files, a connection to the server is required to play them. Use Streambox VCR to rip them while playing.


Try this:

Check the playlist in Windows Media Player (Properties of the file)

You should have the link ending in .wax

Use a download app, ie:getright or a freeware one. Paste the url in the “download this” area, but change the .wax to wma, and once you’ve downloaded the file, you can use file conversion apps to do what you like with it.

The wma, or media, has to be stored somewhere, and usully it is on the same server, and is being called up from there.