Is it possible to convert old Karioke to DVD/CD?

I posted this earlier, but did not phrase the topic as a question. Have had numerous looks, but no responses. Thought I would try again. Thanks for your patience.

A friend has an old karioke piano that uses floppy disks (3.5). The songs play and the lyrics show up on a screen.

He wants to stop using the player and use his dvd player thru the tv. He wants to save the songs that he bought at $20 per floppy disc.

The files on the floppies are ***.mid MIDI sequence files

They can be converted to mp3 audio easily, but you lose the lyrics showing on playback.

Is there any way (program) than can convert the ***.mid files to another file (avi,mpeg,wav,etc) which I could then convert to a dvd format with menus for each of the songs? I have the dvd conversion program but it will not recognize the ***.mid files.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

Can you use a DVD recorder connected to the Karioke machine?