Is it possible to convert mp3 files to audio cd WITHOUT actually burning a cd?

My child has a Fisher Price FP3 Player that will ONLY import from audio cd’s, so I want to convert from itunes to audio cd files so I can import the songs to her FP3 Player. Is there any way to do this without actually burning SEVERAL cd’s? I have over 1G of music I’d like her to be able to hear & pretty soon I’m going to be able to convert a few albums I had a child to mp3 files & I’d like her to be able to hear those on her FP3 Player as well. Thanks!

Could you use a re-writeable cd?

Try using Super(freeware) and convert the MP3s to WAV… then it should be able to import…

or burn to image file instead of CD…
But I think converting to WAV makes more sense…but I don’t know FP3 Player

I really just don’t want to waste the cd’s & would like to avoid making cd’s for almost 200 songs. I’ve tried converting it to an ISO, but I dont’ know what to do after that. I’ve tried putting the songs on another driver using VCDRom Control Panel, but it really ONLY will convert from an audio cd file & I’m wondering if it’s at all possible to make an audio cd without actually burning it to a disk.

I can tell you how to do it.

Download the FREE sample version of NCH Switch Sound file Converter and use that…

It’ll work with full functions for ten days then revert to a limited version, but frankly I never used any of the functions that stop working after ten days.

I eventually intend to pay them for the full version just to reward their efforts but money has been tight.

But my limited version does convert from mp3 to wav, I just tried it.


fisher price wants you to pay to download their music, this is why you can only import an audio cd or fisher price downloaded music.

you should be able to do what you want with daemon tools. burn your current audio files using a virtual cd burner.