Is it possible to convert Avi's and keep them around the same file size?

I have some Avi files at around 200mb in size and want to put them on Dvd. But all but 1 of the programs i have tried (Nero Vison and others) encode or convert them and they end up being 1-2gb in size. And most Author programs don’t accept Avi. I want them to keep them around the same size (200mb-500mb) so i can fit more on a Dvd. Quality isn’t important.

I only found 1 program that was sorta what i was looking for, (avi divx dvd svcd vcd converter, from Aone). But unfortunatly it is Shareware and only lets you convert 50% of it unless you buy it. I can’t afford to buy it. It has a Low Quality setting and converted half the file to 125mb.

Is there any freeware programs that can do the same or similar? Or just a proccess that will do it? I have tried alot of things to no avail.


Avi movies use some codecs that make a heavy compression of video, and are then able to create files with smaller size. Good examples are DivX and Xvid.

DVD movies, instead, use a different codec, named mpeg-2, that make a lesser compression of the video.

If you are searching for smaller file size, the only thing you can do is leaving files as avi and buy a standalone player able to read also AVI.

Any conversion in DVD video will increase file dimensions.

Moreover, if you convert an already compressed file, resulting video quality will be lower than the original file, because if I’m not wrong codecs used to create avi movies are not lossless.

It’s a all-around answer. :wink:

Well since there are 2 programs that do it:

Allok AVI to DVD SVCD VCD Converter and Aone AVI to DVD SVCD VCD Converter
Which are both Shareware and also it’s the same exact program by 2 different companies (Sounds like a money making scheme i missed out on again lol). It must be possible. It only converted 50% of the file, But the video quality was still roughly the same. Probably since the video quality of the original was bad to begin with lol. I’m just looking for a free ware program that can do the same. There just probably isn’t one.