Is it possible to control DMA on a USB 2.0 burner?



Windows XP with a dvd burner (pioneer dvr-109/A09) inside a USB 2.0 enclosure to usb 2.0 on a laptop. Is it possible to see what the current DMA setting is and if neccessary up it to where it should be? I see nothing in any properties or options under the burner. Any secret I’m missing or can it not be managed via usb 2.0?



No, windows only recognizes the drive as an external mass storage drive and it only allow you to set regions and digital audio setting, and thats it, nothing else you can do


Some exernal chipsets have utilities to change the atapi mode settings, but it doesn’t work exactly as an internal would. DMA is already supported by the USB subsystem (and firwire by the way). There is not way for an external drive to transfer directly to systems memory, so it functions in DMA mode but only between the bridge chip and itself. Then the USB system handles the DMA transfers to main memory and back.