Is it possible to configure quality in ConvertX?

Hello, I have a 1:40 movie in a divx… but quality is very important in this one… so this divx movie was coded with a 3000 bitrate (its about 2100 MB).

I want to burn it in a dvd… but I dont want any loss in the quality… Will ConvertX convert it without losing quality? Is there an option to configure this in covertx?

Thank you

Go into settings -> encoding -> quality and set it to maximum/slowest.

ConvertX will then use the highest bitrate it can use and still fit the converted movie on one disc. Obviously if your movie will not fit on one disc after being converted from DivX to MPEG2, then ConvertX will have to lower the bitrate or you will not be able to burn the resulting movie.

Hi there,

As mentioned above, ConvertXtoDVD might/will reduce the bitrate if it needs to, to make it fit on a DVD5 media.

Convert it using MAX quality, and DVD5 as the output.

If you see the bitrate around 8300 kb/s you have pretty much the maximum bitrate convertxtodvd will give you (To fit on a DVD5).

9/7/2006 1:30:55 AM info Video bitrate 0/4404/8308 Kbps (min/avg/max)

If it’s much lower than this, change the output to DVD9 and convert it again.

Then check the difference in the bitrate, but you will need to burn on a Dual Layer media.

DVD5 quality should satisfy you, burn to a RW media to check quality on your TV !