Is it possible to burn perfect PSX copies for unchipped PSX?

I currently have Plextor 1610TA which has RAW DAO 96 support. Is it possible to use this to create perfect PSX backups? My PSX is not chipped however and finding some1 to this nowadays isn;t easy. thx

like wilma said, you need a modchip (internal/external) to play the games. However, you don’t have to crack the games if you use CloneCD…

on the older then 5000 series of playstaion you can use a swap trick

As already mentioned use clone Cd to make your back up’s, but you will need some sort of a cheat box the one I have is called a game hunter light, but there are many versions all doing the same thing. You will also need to use an original game to load the first bit of information (not sure of the tech term) then you can play your back up’s.

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