Is it possible to burn dvds with a cdr burner?

is there a program that allows this? if so plz describe it me!

well yea but you cant get nearly as good quality as you can with a dvd player.
You’d have to make it an AVi/MPEG and then burn it.

It is impossible to write data to Recordable DVD media using a CD Burner if that’s what you’re asking.

One day pigs will fly!!!
Then we will all burn DVDS on our CD burners!!

But till that happens, just buy a DVD burner!!!
Its well worth the money!!

No cd burner that I am aware of can burn DVD media…many newer DVD burners can burn both DVD media and CDR media…period.

Now it is possible to compress ripped dvd’s to fit on a cd-r…but that has nothing to do with the question as posted…:slight_smile:

well you can burn to cdr’s in a dvd file format. But you might get 20 minutes of dvd quality video on a cd. (just like you can burn to a dvd in svcd format)

seriously, that was a good joke.
if cdr can burn dvd, why are they selling dvd burner?

CD Burners are just meant for one thing. - burning CDs. If CD drives could burn CDs then DVD drives would be useless. I think you can burn a VCD onto it though.