Is it possible to burn discs for the video now player?

i just bought my daughter a video now player and i was wondering if it is possible to burn discs to play in them

whatz a video now player ?

It’s like a toy dvd player that apears to use a special disk format. We got one for my neice and I was wondering the same thing. It came with 3 disks that hold about a half hour of color video. They seem to be smaller then a standard cd/dvd so hard to say what format it uses or media.

The disks are “PVD” format :confused:
Try scanning the disks with A-Ray


Can you play them in a normal PC DVD player?
Do they even show up?
Apparently they have a very strong DRM.

Ben :slight_smile:

Forgot to post this, taken from the FAQ of the site:

Q: What is a VIDEONOW COLOR Personal Video Disc (PVD)?
A: Just like a VCR needs a video and a DVD player a disc, the VIDEONOW COLOR player has its own customized software. Each 4.25 inch VIDEONOW COLOR Personal Video Disc contains over 25 uninterrupted minutes of content/programming.

:cool: - Interesting resource - not the original “hack attack” in the VideoNow that I was looking for though

Anyone else tryed to make one of these with different method?