Is it possible to burn CDROMS with filenames longer then 64 characters?!


Whenever I try to burn a data CDROM (CD-R) I notice that filenames longer then 64 characters are being cut off. I have a Plextor drive and burn CDROMS directly in WinXP or with Nero that came with my Plextor drive where I use Joliet but I always have this 64 character limitation.

Is it possible to burn CDROMS with filenames longer then 64 characters or not? If so, how do you do this? Can this be done with the drive/software I have or do I need another program, etc…?! I would like to have a maximum of 128 characters, is this possible?!


With Nero i burned the file with 208 character set.

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Is this only possible with Nero 6 or also Nero which I have (came with the Plextor drive)?! Should I perhaps not use Joliet, but I believe it then burns CDs with all capital letters. What should I do?

Also, if you do this, will the burned disc still be readible under Windows95, cause on the posted image it says that the disc might not be readable under Windows 9.x. What do they mean with that? I have files with very long names in Windows 95, so why would this be a problem with burned CDs?!

Burning programm must support ISO 9660:1999 standard. Nero 5.X.X.X can’t do that.
If you don’t want to buy Nero 6 then you can try Bart PE-Builder (it’s freeware)for creating ISO image files and burn them with Nero 5. But PE-Builder is not-so-easy tool.
As for Windows95, i’m sorry but i almost forgot how it looks like.
Try to create ISO with PE-Builder, burn onto CD-RW and check In Win95.
Good Luck! :slight_smile: