Is it possible to burn CDROMS with filenames longer then 64 characters?!




Whenever I try to burn a data CDROM (CD-R) I notice that filenames longer then 64 characters are being cut off. I have a Plextor drive and burn CDROMS directly in WinXP or with Nero where I use Joliet but I always have this 64 character limitation.

Is it possible to burn CDROMS with filenames longer then 64 characters or not? If so, how do you do this? Can this be done with the drive/software I have or do I need another program, etc…?! I would like to have a maximum of 128 characters, is this possible?!



Yes, with burnatonce you can burn up to 192 character file names.


You can also use the UDF option in nero, and it will get you 128 characters, the Romeo file structure, or use recordnow Max 4.5, it will do it as well


What exactly are UDF and Romeo? Is this also included in Nero 5.5 or is that Nero 6 only?! Also, should I use Joliet or not. I remember that I started using Joliet cause otherwise all the filenames on the disc where CAPITAL LETTERS. Please tell me what exactly I should do cause I am not familiar with all those options, etc… Thanks!

Also, important: if I burn discs with filenames longer then 64 characters (up to 128 would be perfect), will they still be perfect readable on a PC running Windows 95, cause I still have a PC that runs Windows95, so this is important to me!

Thanks for all good advice!


romeo was a format that came with NT I believe and UDF will work under 95, but you may need a UDF reader for it. Been so long since I used 95 I am not sure. THe adaptec UDF reader should work…


Seems burnatonce can burn lots of filesystems like Long Joliet and Rockridge and they also mention that extra long filename support (what is extra long?) is provided with the ISO9660:1999 and UDF filesystems.

What’s the difference between those 4 systems (Long Joliet, Rockridge, ISO9660:1999 and UDF) and which one(s) should I best use cause I have an old PC running Windows 95?! Up to 128 characters would be enough for me, but 64 characters is too little.

Could anybody please explain all this, cause all those filesystems, etc… are very confusing to me and I need something that works with Windows 95?! Thanks!