Is it possible to burn at 1x using Nec 2500



Ok, I used to have a Pioneer DVR-104 before it broke down on me. I bought some cheap princos dvd medias, and they worked fine. The thing is after it broke down, i bought the nec drive and the slowest speed you can burn it on is on 2x. But i would burn coasters at 2x. Sometimes if im lucky, it the dvd could be read, but very slowly.

So is there a way to burn it at 1x? thanks


Dump those Princo’s :Z
You should already have done that long ago! Why’s your Pioneer broken? I know of LiteOn drives which broke because of cheap Princo and Emtec crap! You wouldn’t want to risk your new NEC, huh?


So is there a way to burn it at 1x?

No, not possible.


NEC 2500A ought to be able to burn Princo’s at 2 x, with decent result.

Have updated the firmware off the NEC 2500A to latest.

Mine burned Princo with reasonable result for Princo’s.

If it can’t, your Princo’s are of very low quality.


Read this FAQ entry:

Also, Princos suck… :Z Nowadays, it’s possible to get low-price media without resorting to stuff like Princo.


I wouldn’t say that exactly. Here’s one I got under the CompUSA brand. It qualifies as a coaster, burned in my 2500 drive.