Is it possible to burn a dvd without acquiring a dvd-r/rw?

Ok, so I’m new to this forum but am pretty familar with computers, seeing how I’ve used them for almost ten years now. So my question is, is there anyway to burn a dvd without acquiring a dvd-r/rw. My girlfriends laptop, which is the only computer I have access to at the moment, only has a regular cd-rw drive that is also a dvd player. It is a TSSTcorp CD-RW/DVD player. I’m pretty su re that means it cannot burn dvds but is there any way (program) to get it to burn dvds? Any help would be greatly appreciated :bow:

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To write a DVD is necessary a special laser pickup. Your combo drive (i.e. a cd writer/dvd reader) don’t have this laser able to write DVD, so this is impossible.

It’s not a software issue, but an hardware issue.

Ahhh, never knew that one, one more question. Since I’m not familiar with CD-R/RW/DVD-R/RW hardware, can anyone reccomend a site to read up on it?

??? :confused:

Here there is an huge forum to read on optical devices :iagree:

you could make a vcd, playable in your set top dvd player, with the hardware available.
vcd’s are burned on cd-r media…but less disc space, great of 20 minute clips…:slight_smile:
but to burn a dvd…you need a dvd burner.

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