Is it possible to burn a .bin (without CUE) with nero?

It’s not that i can’t burn it!!! I did it with ONES, but just for my self knowledge, is possible? I haven’t found it!!

Ok found a way!!!
-I renamed the .bin into .iso.
-I mounted a virtual drive with the .iso
-I made a disc copy from the virtual drive to a real drive.

If there is a more simple way (with nero only) please let me know!!

Mount the bin file with daemon tools or any virtual drive u have. with daemon tools, since its a bin file it will look for the cue file. so when u hit mount and look for file change the bottom selection box to all files. now u can mount your bin file to daemon. after that, open
NeroVision and go to make a dvd. now on the first page of nero vision (content) go to “Import Disc” find your virtual drive letter that u mounted the bin file on and nero will do the rest. save the file and create menu, chapters etc and burn!
extra info: go to my documents/nerovision/imported video.
in this file u will find a mpeg file created by nero vision from your bin file. if u want just use that and delete your bin file.