Is it possible to burn 2 25GB BDs onto 1 50GB disc?


I have a set of 2 25GB BDs, each standalone with its own BDMV/ and CERTIFICATE/ directories; each disc is saved on my harddrive under a separate folder containing all of the above. PART1/ and PART2/

Question: I see that the sum of both discs capacity would fit on a 50GB disc that I have. If I burn both directories PART1/ and PART2/ onto a single 50GB disc, will it be readable by my player ? (it’s a PS3).

Otherwise it would be a waste to burn those on 2 separate 50GB discs (I only have 50GB blank discs).

Thank you for your help.

I don’t think it’s possible. The player will check for the blu-ray structure and BDMV/CERTIFICATE on parent folder only. Burning those two movies that way (PART1/PART2 as parent) will screw the structure.