Is it possible to add additional tracks to audio cd

hi, is there a way to add additional tracks to audio cds?
(data or audio )

Yes and no.

Of course it is not possible to add songs to an original CD. A CD-R on which you have burnt some songs (for example a compilation from several original CDs), you can add songs until you have closed the disc, you will create a multi session disc.

As long as the disc is not closed, it cannot be read in regular CD-players. Some players do have problems with these so-called multi session discs if I am correct.

Since CD-Rs aren’t that expensive, I recommend you carefully select your songs before you burn them on CD, but if you left one out, wouldn’t cost you too much to make another compilation on which the missing song is burnt…

Yea, my cd player (not cd-rom) can’t play cd-r’s unless the cd-r is closed.