Is it possible that Safedisc prevents installation?

I went and bought battlefield 2 yesterday(yes, I know that I’m a bit late to the
show, but my brother just now convinced me to try out a mod he’s working on)
and upon returning to home, I found out I am unable to install it.

The battlefield 2 copy I bought comes on a dvd, I think the version number is
1.03. Upon inserting the dvd, I am met with the choice of language. After that I
get a menu, where I choose install from the top. Now this is where the problem

I see a loading bar flash, and then a window titled ‘Installshield Wizard
has encountered a problem’ pops up. It tells me to close all applications, empty
temporary folders and check my internet connection is working. The error code is
6005. Naturally I close every possible process through the task manager, empty
the temporary folders in /windows/temp and local settings, and try again. Again
the error.

Don’t know if it’s relevant or not, but at the moment of the installation I had
daemon tools installed.

As additional information, I tried and downloaded an ISO of the game off the
internets, thinking I could maybe install that and use my bought game’s cdkey.
Same 6005 error occurs again.

Now, having gone through a lot of threads on this problem, I came upon someone
mentioning that the problem might be caused by safedisc protection. I
now come to you guys to tell me if it’s possible that this is true, and if so, what
can I do about it?

I would remove tols like Daemon tools.

Then try again.

Sorry for not including the information in my original post, but I did try with
daemon tools uninstalled as well, with the same results.

However, I found a to make it work yesterday: I extracted the iso I made
with WinRAR and ran setup.exe from there. Worked like a charm.