Is it possible overriding speed GSA-4120B?

I’m almost obsessed about to burn Samsung 8x media at 8x in my GSA-4120, but I can’t. Is there any firm that you could choose the burning speed you want? I had a Pioneer 2x DVD burner with a cracked firm was able to burn 1x DVD-R media at 2x two years ago. Now I’m not able to burn 8x media at 8x, and I don’t think Samsung DVD+R 8x media are a crap…



The LG drive is about write quality, not speed. Just like with the 8x Riteks’s the media is crap, so LG will not support them at 8x, instead they write at 4x. Just be glad they take this stance, or you would have more coasters. I don’t even know if our LG drives will even allow Sky Media to be used haha.

My LG 4120B writer burns at 8X no problem.I use Datawrite grey top classic discs and they work fine for me.

(Using A110 firmware)

Have you try updating your firmware to A111. My 4120b with A102 won’t let me write CMC 8x -R at 8x. With A111, it is now writing at 8x without problems.

Definitely, I surrender to the evidence, maybe is better burn slow a disc than create a coaster. I’m looking for Verbatim 8x, I have read in this forum this discs are written by our favourite dvd burner at 12x. Quality matters.

Thanks for all, I’m running A111 and all is working fine, using good quality, of course!

They do!!!

but not all of them, a friend of mine bought a pack of 10 and none of them worked, not even 1, I threw them all away, the drive just refused to burn them. But I know it’s possible because I had (first dvd’s I bought, actually ) a pack of 10 myself and they all worked fine, of course I burnt them at 2x for my standalone player wouldn’t recognised if I did it at 4x.

As to the 8x media I bought yesterday a pack of 10 Memorex DVD+r 8x, didn-t actually made a burn, but tested one with nero and it gave the option to burn it at 8x