Is it possible for the 106 to read double layer?

i used a pioneer 109 (firmware 1.40) to burn a verbatim dvd+r double layer 8.5 GB media

i tried reading it on a pioneer 106d (flashed to a06 1.08) but had no luck… :frowning:

is it possible by any means(bitsetting, firmware…) to read a double layer dvd+r on my pioneer 106 ?
or am i stuck with dual layer dvd-r at the pioneer 106 ?

thanks in advance for any help

If your 109 has the official firmware on the drive sets the Booktype for DL+ always to DVD-ROM which gives the highest possible compatibility with that kind of media.
However, properly recognizing and reading is not guaranteed even with that “trick”.

-g- im such a dumbass -_-

when i tried it, the dvd drive seemed to lock itself (green light on, didnt open the tray)

after reading your post, i gave it another shot and it works… :stuck_out_tongue:
i guess it was human failure… i probably didn’t put the dvd on a perfect position on the tray ( and im carefull with that… i always put it inside gently no pun intended )… so it acted stupid

thanks for the help chef :wink:

What counts is that it worked - finally.